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Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming this year and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is being released soon. You can find a list of recent events regarding the games here:

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  • March 28th, 2015: For the upcoming release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Nintendo broadcasted the game presentation by Tetsuya Takahashi followed by a Live Recording performance.
  • March 26th, 2015: Monolith Soft has updated the Xenoblade X website revealing some information about battle mechanics in particular the Over Clocking Gear, and more images about the Noctilucent Forest.
  • March 25th, 2015: The review embargo for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has expired and websites have begun posting reviews. Links to many reviews can be found at Metacritic.
  • March 25th, 2015: Nintendo Europe have released a launch trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which contains a spoiler warning at the beginning.
  • March 21st, 2015: Nintendo has announced that the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D download version does not fit the internal microCD card of the New 3DS system and requires an external 8GB or larger one (supported cards checkable here).


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Shulk is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles. He likes to think things through and is very methodical in his approach to most situations. He was one of the only known survivors on a previous expedition to retrieve the Monado, and is able to wield it...


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