A Dauntless Trader is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Werner, east of Reconstruction HQ in Colony 6. An alternative route is possible if Norara has immigrated to Colony 6 before getting this quest. If Riki is in the active party, he will comment.


  • "Consult Nopon residents in Colony 6 about how to bring back the butterflies."
A route: Talk to Nopo'rikh
B route: Talk to Norara (only possible if she has been invited to Colony 6)
  • "Return to Werner"


A route: "The butterflies are back thanks to Nopo'rikh's dance. Werner can sell his goods once more."
B route: "The butterflies are back thanks to Norara's insight. Werner can sell his goods once more."


  • Upon the completion of this quest, the Affinity Chart will change if Matryona is spoken to:
MatryonaAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barWerner initially Affinity-1-orange
Matryona Butterfly Fans Werner

Unique Comments

Riki: "If Riki know Nopon Werner see. Riki's friends not need to look far. But Riki not that Nopon..."
Werner: "So you lot don't know them either. Well, someone in this colony must know them."