A New Rival? is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received at the BLADE Concourse in the Administrative District in New Los Angeles.


  1. "Achieve all objectives"
  2. "Talk to H.B. on the BLADE Concourse."
  3. "Head to Noctilum's Rust Lake to rescue the BLADEs."
  4. "Defeat a thieving dilus at Noctilum's Rust Lake"
  5. "Talk to Solan at Noctilum's Rust Lake."


"Completing H.B.'s task appears to have made him view you and himself as mutual rivals aiming for the top. Go to the cathedral for the next affinity mission."


  • In the Japanese release of the game, this mission is part of a DLC pack and will not be available if the DLC pack is not installed.

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