A Proper Chopper is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Roscoe at the Central Industrial District in New Los Angeles.


  1. "Go to Noctilum's Sunlit Spring, where the helicopter went missing."
  2. "Defeat five jovial saltats in Noctilum's Sunlit Spring."
  3. "Talk to Howard in Noctilum's Sunlit Spring."
  4. Achieve all objectives.
  5. "Give the materials to Ciska in Noctilum's Sunlit Spring."
  6. "Repair the helicopter's main rotor."
    Upon examining the main rotor, the player is given two options:
    • A route: "Connect the parts to the blue wire."
    • B route: "Connect the parts to the red wire."
  7. "Talk to Ciska in Noctilum's Sunlit Spring."
  8. "Talk to Roscoe in the center of the industrial district."


A route: "The helicopter made it back safely. Roscoe thanked you for saving his men."
B route: "The helicopter crashed while returning, killing Howard. Perhaps the repairs were faulty?"

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