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Nosusu affinity
Nosusu's newly opened business is about to go under. Help her protect her traditional Nopon art form.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Normal Mission Nosusu Noctilum (Whale's Nostril) Anytime
Prerequisites: Chapter 4 completed, The Ties That Bind completed
  1. Achieve all objectives.
  2. "Talk to Nosusu at Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."
  3. Achieve any objective.
  4. "Talk to Nosusu at Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."

A route: "You helped make a Santa hat. Nosusu looks delighted!"
B route: "You helped make a pom-pom beanie. Nosusu looks delighted!"

A Tip of the Cap is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be accepted from Nosusu at the Dodonga Caravan in the Whale's Nostril in Noctilum.

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