Adidi if given seaweed (Who is Bigger?)

Adidi (Japanese: アリンダ, Arinda) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. She can be found at the north edge of the Reservoir on the first basement floor of Frontier Village. The items she has available for trade depends on her size as a result of Who is Bigger?.


Trade (Normal)

Item Affinity Value
Quirky Liver 1
Double Attack II ☆2
Magic Stone ☆3
Double Attack III ☆4
Cool Trunks (Unique) ☆4
Blue Turnip ☆5
Cool Gel (Unique) ☆5
Dark Mango Overtrade +4,320 G

Trade (Big)

Location Adidi

Location: Adidi

Item Affinity Value
Dark Mango 1
Decrepit Wing ☆2
Orluga Grass Skirt ☆3
Strength Down IV ☆4
Bloody Brog Sweat Overtrade +2,300 G