Adseculas (Japanese: アピス, Apisu) are huge mosquito-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found in all five regions. They are similar to Turbas and Papils, and share some Arts and material names.


"A mosquito-like organism that lives off fluids and ether sucked from other organisms. Unlike the standard Earth mosquito, however, both the female and male take their nourishment in this fashion.

Adsecula plant their eggs in the bodies of large, beetle-like creatures such as the cinicula. Hatching larvae then live off their host until maturation, preying on any small parasites they encounter and forming a symbiotic relationship. When near maturity, the larvae will exit their host through its digestive tract, at which point they finally mature into full adults."

Color Variants

Adseculas fall into two color variants:

  • Yellow adseculas are pale yellow and emit green glowing particles. They can drop Adsecula Gold Nuggets.
  • Black adseculas are black and emit red glowing particles. They can drop Adsecula Oil Drops.

Types of Adseculas

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



  • Adsecula is Latin for "follower", "attendant", or "syncophant".
  • The Japanese name for the species may come from the Latin apis, meaning bee.