Aetrygons (Japanese: デルピヌ, Derupinu) are flying horned creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found in Oblivia and Sylvalum.


"Masters of natural propulsion, these beasts draw in air through their blowholes, then expel it out their backs to traverse the skies with astonishing speed. Any ether absorbed during this process can then be fired from the muzzles on their wings. Though aetrygons once inhabited the sea, a mutation of the dorsal fin allowed them to take flight in the sky. Spawning, however, still takes place in the water, and the creatures can often be seen heading back to their ancestral marine home for breeding season."

"When hunting, groups of aetrygons arrange themselves in a fighter-jet-like formation. They usually bombard prey from a safe distance before closing in for the kill, which comes in the form of a powerful horned charge."

Color Variants

Aetrygons fall into two color variants:

  • White aetrygons are white with orange details and particles. They can drop Amber Aetrygon Horns. They only appear in the skies of Sylvalum.
  • Brown aetrygons are tan with blue details and particles. They can drop Beryl Aetrygon Horns. They only appear in Oblivia, usually near bodies of water.

Types of Aetrygons

Minor Enemies