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The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Alcamoth Location
Type Area
Located Above Bionis' head
Inhabitants High Entia, Nopon
Weather Clear, thunderstorm, shooting stars (Anytime in the game)
Thunderstorm (After the Sorean and Zanza cutscene)
Connects to Eryth Sea
Music Alcamoth, Imperial Capital, Alcamoth, Imperial Capital (Night)

Alcamoth, or the Imperial Capital Alcamoth (Japanese: 皇都アカモート, Kōto Akamōto, alt. Imperial City Achamoth; English dub: /ˈælkəˌmɒθ/), is the Royal Capital City of Bionis. Populated by the High Entia race, it is the biggest city in Xenoblade Chronicles. The city hovers over Eryth Sea, and can only be reached from the teleporter at Centre Gate. It is here that Dunban reveals to Shulk that he should be the one to be with Fiora.

After the cutscene involving Sorean releasing the seal on Zanza on Prison Island, the weather on Eryth Sea, Alcamoth and Prison Island will all transition to a permanent thunderstorm on a random hour of when the next weather change occurs in the game, if the weather isn't already thunderstorm. Changing the time in the game will instantly make the weather change to thunderstorm. The permanent thunderstorm weather effect will remain in Eryth Sea, Alcamoth and Prison Island until after defeating Metal Face.

Important note: After the events at the Mechonis Core, it becomes impossible to skip travel into Alcamoth. The Centre Gate becomes the only way in or out of the capital city. Skip traveling out of Alcamoth, however, remains possible.

Landmarks and Locations


Map of Alcamoth


Landmarks GF

Landmarks 1F

Landmarks 2F


Locations 1F

Locations 2F

Points of Interest


Story Event Enemies



Alcamoth NPCs


Post-Mechonis Core Alcamoth

The only way to enter the city after this point is to use the transporter from Centre Gate at Eryth Sea. The enemies here are the High Entia that do not have Homs DNA, and have been transformed into Telethia.

Post-Mechonis Core Enemies

Normal Minor Enemies

Quest-Exclusive Enemies


It is possible that Alcamoth's name is derived from Achamoth, one of several terms from Gnosticism found in the game. Achamoth is the "Lower Sophia", the part that fell or was left behind outside of the pleroma.


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