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Alrest (Japanese: アルスト, Arusuto) is the setting of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is the name of the world overrun by a sea of clouds where Titans live. Each Titan hosts its own distinct civilizations, cultures, wildlife, and environments. The Titans march toward death and the world of Alrest is disappearing. The heroes try to save the world of Alrest by demystifying its cloudy past.




In the ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Rex and company fly past the Cloud Sea on Azurda's back, revealing an endless ocean. The Titans then move to this newly revealed ocean and join together to create a gigantic landmass for all the inhabitants of Alrest to live on.


  • With the revelation that Alrest was originally Earth, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 marks the first Xeno game where Earth is the primary setting. A common recurring theme in the Xeno series is that each game includes humans whose species originated from Earth, but whose story is set in alien environments; "xeno" being Greek for "alien".