Amethyst Gear is medium head armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be bought at Sword Valley for 12,000 G, or be obtained as a quest reward after completing Mystery of Makna Ruins 1. It is made from nocturnal iron ore from Valak Mountain. It is part of the Amethyst set of armour along with the Amethyst Armour, Amethyst Gauntlets, Amethyst Leggings and Amethyst Boots.


Quest rewards

No slots


No slots


No slots

NPC Area Affinity
Zilex Fallen Arm 1

Enemy drops

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Defective IposSword Valley12.1 %
M35 PrototypeFallen Arm12.1 %
M37 Worker Bee UnitFallen Arm12.1 %
M63 Destruction UnitSword Valley12.1 %
M63 Harvester UnitSword Valley12.1 %
M63X Android UnitSword Valley12.1 %
Prudent PursonSword Valley12.1 %
Tranquil MoraxSword Valley12.1 %
Affluent BelethFallen Arm8.3 %
Aura AntolFallen Arm7.1 %
Rius AntolFallen Arm7.1 %
Prado UpaFallen Arm6.2 %

No slots

Enemy Area Rate
Fate LabolasSword Valley8.6 %
M54 Armoured UnitSword Valley8.6 %
M54 Attack UnitSword Valley8.6 %
Happiness FlierFallen Arm7.1 %
M34 Honey Bee UnitSword Valley7.1 %
M35 Woodpecker UnitSword Valley7.1 %
M46 Covert KillerSword Valley7.1 %
Mechon M78 Flex+Sword Valley3 %


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