Arenatects (Japanese: ロロング, Rorongu) are huge tortoise-like insectoids in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They could be considered the counterparts of Tectinsulas, as their general appearance, materials, and habits are similar. All of them have ether-attribute counter spikes that activate upon gaining the Enraged aura. They can be found in Sylvalum and Cauldros.


"Sinking into the sand, arenatects bide their time until prey comes to them. A marvel of metabolic efficiency, they can maintain this buried state for months on end without any sustenance. They do, however, possess clear territorial boundaries, and will move on if they discover another of their kind nearby."

"The mushrooms on their backs fill the roles of both camouflage and defense, unleashing poisonous spores when attacked. They also play an important role during mating season, as the types and colors of the mushrooms determine a male's attractiveness to members of the opposite sex."

Color Variants

Arenatects fall into two color variants:

  • Yellow arenatects are pale yellow in coloration with red details. They can drop Red Brandy.
  • Purple arenatects are lavender in coloration with green details. They can drop Emerald Whiskey. They can only be found in Sylvalum.

Types of Arenatects

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



"Arenatect" contains both arena and the Latin tectus, meaning concealed or hidden.

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