Arielle (Japanese: アリエッタ, Arietta) is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. She resides near the Fountain of Eternity in Alcamoth. She is the mother to Lesunia and her dream is to one day see her getting married. Sadly, she states that Lesunia is not interested in such things, despite having a pretty face. She also says that Lesunia is very intense, so a soppy man will be no good for her. Arielle then jokingly asks if the male characters of the party are interested in a strong-willed girl; however, party members do not comment.


Arielle location 20.00

Arielle's location at 20:00

She can be found at the smaller fountain to the west of the Fountain of Eternity from 19:00 to 03:00.



Item Affinity Value
Doomsday Poppy 1
Electric Plus III ☆1
Shiny Kromar Hide ☆2
Dream Gnasher (3 slots) ☆3
Brandle Gauntlets (0 slots) ☆3
Electric Plus IV ☆4
Sturdy Armour Overtrade +790 G