For armour in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Armour.

Armor is protective equipment worn on the body of characters. Armor functions similarly in Xenoblade Chronicles X as it did in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be equipped to party members and used to raise various stats in battle.

Much like armor in Xenoblade Chronicles, it comes in different styles for different characters, although unlike in Xenoblade Chronicles most armor in Xenoblade Chronicles X retains its general appearance between characters of the same gender. Having a complete set of armor gives a bonus in combat. However, there are differences between the two games. For example in Xenoblade Chronicles X, lighter armor doesn't increase critical chances and damage.

Types of Armor

There are six different categories of armor in the game.

Casual Wear - Armor in this category offers little in the way of defense, but usually has more points in resistances and more abilities. While most offer no upgrades, they typically contain one or more augment slots and may have special augments built in. Casual Wear cannot be obtained from enemies. Casual wear has no level requirements.

BLADE Wear - Made only by Sakuraba Industries, this class of armor offers comparable defense to light armor but with lessened resistance.

Light Wear - Slightly more defense than casual armor, a little less resistances than casual armor, and usually contain some abilities.

Medium Wear - Higher defense than Light armor, with a penalty to Gravity Resistance and often fewer upgrades.

Heavy Wear - Much higher defenses than medium, but comes at a much greater penalty to Gravity Resistance and has limited upgrades.

Skell Wear - Gear made only by Sakuraba Industries and Grenada Galactic Group, designed to empower Skells while piloting one. Has more upgrades but has limited effectiveness in ground combat. Some pieces of Skell wear have built-in augments which affect Skells, although Skell augments can not be equipped in any empty augment slots.

Upgrading Armor

Built-in augments on armor can be upgraded with the AM Terminal's "Upgrade Battle Traits" function. Every armor piece has an "Upgrade x/x" stat. This indicates how many times the armor's abilities have been upgraded out of the maximum allowed. Salvaged armor has more upgrades than store-bought armor.

Upgrading is done using Miranium and various materials dropped by some enemies such as Miran indigens or Ganglion troops (soldiers, Skells and machines).


Resistances are an armor mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. These act as modifiers to incoming damage of the specified type. Positive resistance values decrease damage taken by that percentage, while negative resistance values increase damage taken.

The following resistances can be found on armor:

  • PhysicalResIconPhysical Resistance
  • BeamResIconBeam Resistance
  • EtherResIconEther Resistance
  • ThermalResIconThermal Resistance
  • ElectricResIconElectric Resistance
  • GravityResIconGravity Resistance


In addition to type, armor is also divided into tiers. Armor that share a tier have the same level requirements in order to be equipped, and each tier is ten levels higher than the previous. Armor from Six Stars have tiers that are named differently from armor tiers for other Arms Manufacturers. The armor tiers are:

Level Name Six Stars Name Typical Colors
5 Survival n/a varies
15 Combat n/a purple
25 Vivid Warrior's green
35 Valor Vanquisher's blue
45 Forza Overlord's orange / brown
55 Reginal Mother God's red
60 Ultra Regal Deific black / dark red
60 Ultra Infinite Boundless gold

Note: Level 60 armors are not purchasable from the Shop Terminal and must instead be obtained from high-leveled enemies.

Worn and Advanced

Salvaged armor may be "Worn" (can be equipped three levels earlier) or "Advanced" (slightly stronger but requires three more levels).

Worn armor is usually obtained from enemies in level ranges which end in 1 to 5 (1-5, 11-15, 21-25, etc.), while Advanced armor is usually obtained from enemies in level ranges that end in 6-0 (6-10, 16-20, 26-30, etc.).

It is possible for an enemy to, more rarely, drop armor from the tier above. For example, a level 32 enemy could rarely drop an Advanced Valor armor piece (normally Worn Valor), and a level 59 enemy could rarely drop an Ultra Regal armor piece (normally Advanced Reginal). This is the only way to obtain some Ultra Regal and Ultra Infinite armor sets, as there may not be any compatible enemies in the level range for Ultra Regal/Ultra Infinite.

Casual Wear

Casual Wear is named differently depending on the type of clothing. Workwear and high-tech gear have different names from street clothes, while full-body clothing and headwear from Treasure Boxes have unique names. The armor tiers for Casual Wear are in ascending value:

  • Bargain/Prototype
  • Armor
  • Limited
  • Redesigned/Upgraded
  • Prime
  • Ultra Limited/Upgraded Armor II
  • Supreme.

Color schemes of normal armor usually follow a trend beyond the lowest tier: purple for Combat, green for Vivid, blue for Valor, orange or brown for Forza, red for Reginal, black and dark red for Ultra Regal, and gold for Ultra Infinite. Casual Wear body and leg armor has four variants, while head armor has three.

Armor Names

Each Arms Manufacturer that produces armor gives each armor piece a specific name.


AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Headset Shirt Sleeve Pants
Unknown Comm Plastron Bangle Cords

Light Wear

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Visor Vest Guard Boots
Grenada Galactic Group Veyes Norak Tecta Brogs
Candid & Credible Screen Breaker Ward Trudgers
Meredith & Co. Vizard Vestis Armilla Ocreis
Orphean Technologies Yii Yimsel Yiys Yiym
Six Stars Mask Light tier Plate Bracer Sabatons

Medium Wear

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Goggles Bodywear Glove Footwear
Grenada Galactic Group Spex Torse Quantlet Soales
Candid & Credible Sights Encaser Grip Distancers
Meredith & Co. Vitra Corpus Chiro Plantars
Orphean Technologies Ayx Mayx Mayx Nyx
Six Stars Crest Plate Gauntlet Greaves

Heavy Wear

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Headwear Armor Armwear Legwear
Grenada Galactic Group Tuesta Ryg Brax Traves
Candid & Credible Armet Bulwark Wrest Stabilizers
Meredith & Co. Cassida Arma Manus Crura
Orphean Technologies Zyi Zyua Zyua Zyum
Six Stars Helm Heavy tier Plate Vambrace Heavy tier Greaves

Skell Wear

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Helmet Suit Mitt Leggings
Grenada Galactic Group Casca Raim Guante Tythes

Armor Drops by Enemy

Most enemy species have ground armor as part of their drop tables. Every member of a species that drops armor will always drop pieces of the same armor set, as detailed below. Of these species, some drop armor that is unlocked later in the game or at a high AM Level. These species drop different armor if they are at or below the minimum purchasable level for the non-default armor sets. They are marked with ※, and only for the low-leveled variants. Puges and Pugiliths drop ground armor, but only if they are level 10 or below.


AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Caecus, Evello, Grex, Murra, Petramand※, Potamus, Turba

Light Wear

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Ictus, Insidia, Pugilith※, Sacrifole※, Saltat
Grenada Galactic Group Cervus, Ovis※, Scirpo, Suid
Candid & Credible Lophid
Meredith & Co. Caro, Gerrid, Ovis
Orphean Technologies Millesaur, Sacrifole
Six Stars Coronid, Saltat

Medium Wear

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Adsecula※, Auravis※, Cantor, Cinicula, Duoguill※, Germivore※, Lepyx, Papil※, Tectinsula, Vesper
Grenada Galactic Group Aprica, Dilus, Forfex, Mortifole※, Ovis※, Prone, Puge※, Simius※, Suid
Candid & Credible Duoguill, Scintimure
Meredith & Co. Arenatect, Definian, Purgovent
Orphean Technologies Auravis, Levitath
Six Stars Papil, Tersqual

Heavy Wear

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Adsecula※, Germivore※, Sylooth, Vesper
Grenada Galactic Group Suid (female), Vigent
Candid & Credible Filiavent, Jacul, Liceor
Meredith & Co. Balaena, Ceto, Mortifole, Simius
Orphean Technologies Adsecula, Colubrim, Millepod
Six Stars Germivore, Gularth

Skell Wear

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Falsaxum, Petramand, Turba
Grenada Galactic Group Aeviter, Suid (male), Virago

No Armor

The following enemy species do not drop armor:

Fashion Gear

Fashion Gear allows a character to use the stats from one piece of armor while having the appearance of a different piece. Fashion Gear can be equipped from the Ground Gear menu by pressing X and selecting "Change Fashion Gear". Fashion Gear can be removed from within the Change Fashion Gear menu by pressing X and selecting "Remove Gear". Armor cannot be equipped as Fashion Gear if the character does not meet the minimum level to wear it.


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