Fiora's initial Machina armour consists of Ether Goggles (skin 1A), Ether Frame (1A), Ether Arms (1A), Ether Boosters (1A), and Nemesis Drones (D1A). Her appearance with no armour equipped is identical to the Ether set with Nemesis Drones.

Drones are shown separately, as there is no direct relationship between drones and armour series. There are 9 distinct drone designs, each having two colour variants, compared to 7 distinct armour series and three colour variants of each. Although classified as feet armour, drones change the appearance of the winglike equipment on Fiora's back.


Strangely, the colours of glasses are switched compared to what they are when worn by anyone else (including Fiora's original Homs body); Master and Shade Glasses normally have dark frames, and the other glasses normally have white frames.

Icon G1 G2
Headgear Mechonis Pc081201 Pc081301

Ether series

Icon 1A 1B 1C
Headgear Mechonis Pc080401 Pc086401 Pc085401
Armour Mechonis Pc080402 Pc086402 Pc085402
Arms Mechonis Pc080403 Pc086403 Pc085403
Legs Mechonis Pc080404 Pc086404 Pc085404

Speed series

Icon 2A 2B 2C
Headgear Mechonis Pc080501 Pc085501 Pc086501
Armour Mechonis Pc080502 Pc085502 Pc086502
Arms Mechonis Pc080503 Pc085503 Pc086503
Legs Mechonis Pc080504 Pc085504 Pc086504

Power series

Icon 3A 3B 3C
Headgear Mechonis Pc085601 Pc080601 Pc086601
Armour Mechonis Pc085602 Pc080602 Pc086602
Arms Mechonis Pc085603 Pc080603 Pc086603
Legs Mechonis Pc085604 Pc080604 Pc086604

Attack series

Icon 4A 4B 4C
Headgear Mechonis Pc085701 Pc086701 Pc080701
Armour Mechonis Pc085702 Pc086702 Pc080702
Arms Mechonis Pc085703 Pc086703 Pc080703
Legs Mechonis Pc085704 Pc086704 Pc080704

F Speed series

The torsos in this series are identical to the torsos in the Speed and Attack series.

Icon 5A / torso 2A 5B / torso 2B 5C / torso 4B
Headgear Mechonis Pc080901 Pc085901 Pc086901
Armour Mechonis Pc080502 Pc085502 Pc086702
Arms Mechonis Pc080903 Pc085903 Pc086903
Legs Mechonis Pc080904 Pc085904 Pc086904

F Attack series

The torsos in this series are identical to the torsos in the Ether and Speed series.

Icon 6A / torso 2A 6B / torso 1B 6C / torso 1C
Headgear Mechonis Pc085801 Pc080801 Pc086801
Armour Mechonis Pc080502 Pc086402 Pc085402
Arms Mechonis Pc085803 Pc080803 Pc086803
Legs Mechonis Pc085804 Pc080804 Pc086804

F Power series

These sets have distinct arms, but the head, torso, and legs are identical to those in other series.

Icon 3B / arms 7A 4B / arms 7B 2C / arms 7C / legs 6C
Headgear Mechonis Pc080601 Pc086701 Pc086501
Armour Mechonis Pc080602 Pc086702 Pc086502
Arms Mechonis Pc081003 Pc085003 Pc086003
Legs Mechonis Pc080604 Pc086704 Pc086804


Pc080405 Pc085405 Pc085105 Pc081105 Pc081205 Pc085205
Nemesis Drones Eleos Drones Idun Drones
Segment Drones
Palva Drones
Sakura Drones
Sedna Drones Eucleia Drones
Lucina Drones
Pc081005 Pc085005 Pc085605 Pc080605 Pc085505 Pc080505
Ardi Drones Astarte Drones Ishtar Drones Mitra Drones Helwerthia Drones Grizzly Drones
Pc080705 Pc085705 Pc080805 Pc085805 Pc080905 Pc085905
Freyja Drones Eris Drones Loki Drones Cosmo Drones Sabre Drones Uranus Drones