Sharla's initial armour consists of the Round Cap (skin 0A), Round Top (1A), Round Gloves (1A), Round Bottoms (1A), and Round Shoes (1A).

Her appearance with no armour equipped is identical to the Swimwear series, skin 0A.


Icon G1 G2
Headgear Glasses Pc051301 Pc051201


Icon 0A 0B 0C
Headgear 1 Pc050101
Armour 1 Pc050102 Pc055102 Pc056102
Arms 1 Pc050103 Pc055103 Pc056103
Legs 1 Pc050104 Pc055104 Pc056104
Feet 1 Pc050105 Pc055105 Pc056105

Sky series

Icon 1A 1B 1C 1D 1X
Headgear 1 Pc050201 Pc055201 Pc056201 Pc057201
Armour 1 Pc050202 Pc055202 Pc056202 Pc057202 Pc051002
Arms 1 Pc050203 Pc055203 Pc056203 Pc057203
Legs 1 Pc050204 Pc055204 Pc056204 Pc057204 Pc051004
Feet 1 Pc050205 Pc055205 Pc056205 Pc057205 Pc051005

Makna series

Icon 2A 2B
Headgear 2 Pc050401 Pc055401
Armour 2 Pc050402 Pc055402
Arms 2 Pc050403 Pc055403
Legs 2 Pc050404 Pc055404
Feet 2 Pc050405 Pc055405

Hunter series

Icon 3A 3B 3C 3D
Headgear 3 Pc050301 Pc055301 Pc056301 Pc057301
Armour 3 Pc050302 Pc055302 Pc056302 Pc057302
Arms 3 Pc050303 Pc055303 Pc056303 Pc057303
Legs 3 Pc050304 Pc055304 Pc056304 Pc057304
Feet 3 Pc050305 Pc055305 Pc056305 Pc057305

Regnas series

Icon 4A 4B 4C
Headgear 4 Pc050501 Pc055501 Pc056501
Armour 4 Pc050502 Pc055502 Pc056502
Arms 4 Pc050503 Pc055503 Pc056503
Legs 4 Pc050504 Pc055504 Pc056504
Feet 4 Pc050505 Pc055505 Pc056505

Eryth series

Icon 5A 5B 5C
Headgear 5 Pc050601 Pc055601 Pc056601
Armour 5 Pc050602 Pc055602 Pc056602
Arms 5 Pc050603 Pc055603 Pc056603
Legs 5 Pc050604 Pc055604 Pc056604
Feet 5 Pc050605 Pc055605 Pc056605

Warrior series

Icon 6A 6B 6C
Headgear 6 Pc050901 Pc055901 Pc056901
Armour 6 Pc050902 Pc055902 Pc056902
Arms 6 Pc050903 Pc055903 Pc056903
Legs 6 Pc050904 Pc055904 Pc056904
Feet 6 Pc050905 Pc055905 Pc056905

Guardis series

Icon 7A 7B
Headgear 7 Pc050801 Pc055801
Armour 7 Pc050802 Pc055802
Arms 7 Pc050803 Pc055803
Legs 7 Pc050804 Pc055804
Feet 7 Pc050805 Pc055805

Orion series

Icon 8A 8B
Headgear 8 Pc050701 Pc055701
Armour 8 Pc050702 Pc055702
Arms 8 Pc050703 Pc055703
Legs 8 Pc050704 Pc055704
Feet 8 Pc050705 Pc055705