Auravises (Japanese: アクイラ, Akuira) are large horned birds in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


"Giant avians that soar the Miran skies in search of prey to skewer with their tremendous horns. These horns never stop growing, making them an accurate marker for determining a creature's age."

"The sac on their backs stores a flammable substance that is channeled through the horn's tip, creating an explosive discharge that reduces its victims to shreds. For this reason, lesser carnivores in search of scraps are constantly following the auravis's trail."

"During courtship, males fashion a complex nest of branches, the craftmanship of which is used by females to determine their worthiness as mates."

Types of Auravises

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



The Japanese name can be anglicized as aquila, which is Latin for eagle. It may also refer to the genus Aquila, which contains the true eagles.

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