Baroba (Japanese: バロル, Baroru) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found at the Main Entrance of Alcamoth and, after the events at Mechonis Core, just west of the Nopon Tower in Frontier Village.


Trade (Alcamoth)

Item Affinity Value
Chipped Talon 1
Mithril Armour (0 slots) ☆1
Murky Eluca Water ☆2
Moonlit Defender (0 slots) ☆2
Ha Ha Ha ☆3
Blaze Attack IV ☆5
Juicy Wild Meat Overtrade +720 G

Trade (Frontier Village)

Item Affinity Value
Bloody Brog Sweat 1
Shield Bug ☆2
Nopol Gear (0 slots) ☆2
Ether Down III ☆4
Ether Down IV ☆5
Shield Ramtok (Unique) ☆5
Magic Stone Overtrade +1,820 G

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