For battle arts in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Battle Arts (XC1).
For battle arts in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Battle Arts (XCX).

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Battle Arts are battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are attacks that do more damage than a regular attack. They can also heal or buff an ally, and afflict debuffs on their foes. All characters and enemies have Battle Arts. Usage of Battle Arts is restricted by a cooldown mechanic; once a Battle Art has been used, it cannot (usually) be used again until a certain length of time has passed.

Each Blade has a unique set of Battle Arts they endow their Drivers when selected.

Driver Arts

They are special techniques with a variety of effects.

Blade Arts

They support Drivers from a safe distance. They can grant attack power, take aggro to defend allies or heal allies while attacking.

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