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Things backfire for him
Time Active Anytime
Gender Male
Race Nopon
Age 29
Location Bionis' Leg (Traveller's Rest)

Batubatu (Japanese: バルド, Barudo) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is a traveller, alongside Gerugu, although he often tries to do things alone which end up badly. Pepa is his niece. He can be found at Traveller's Rest on Bionis' Leg.


  • Gerugu
  • Pepa


Item Affinity
Hunter Leggings (0 slots) 1
Rainbow Zirconia ☆2
Topple Resist II ☆3
Pioneer (Unique) ☆3
Topple Resist III ☆4
Fatty Sardi Meat Overtrade +860 G


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