Bedtime is one of Riki's Ether status art in Xenoblade Chronicles. When used, Riki and all enemies in range may be put to Sleep.


Art Level AP Cost Cooldown Sleep Duration
1 - 120.0 sec 15.0 sec
2 360 114.0 sec 16.6 sec
3 720 108.0 sec 18.2 sec
4 1440 102.0 sec 19.8 sec
5 2880 96.0 sec 21.4 sec
6 4320 90.0 sec 23.0 sec
7 6480 84.0 sec 24.6 sec
8 9360 78.0 sec 26.2 sec
9 12,960 72.0 sec 27.8 sec
10 17,280 66.0 sec 29.4 sec

Miscellaneous Info

  • Putting Riki to sleep will cause his tension to go down (-100 tension points). This can be avoided by activating his Hero Time aura beforehand.
  • Equipping Sleep Resist gems on Riki will reduce the chance of him being put to sleep.
  • AI Riki will only use this art when he has an aggro ring.

Art book sources


Intermediate art books are only available from shops.
The Bedtime intermediate art books cost 12,200 G.


Advanced art books are only available from enemy drops.

Unique Monsters

Enemy Area Rate
Clamorous DablonEryth Sea8.8 %

Other enemies

Enemy Area Rate
Pandora PodBionis' Leg9.4 %
Licorne TelethiaBionis' Interior5.1 %

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