Betty (Japanese: ベッティ, Betti) is a Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. She can be found in Tranquil Square of the Residential District of Colony 9. Despite being married, she has deep infatuation with Kenny Rohan, to the point of hating her old friend Désirée for becoming close to Kenny as his pupil (if Désirée becomes a sculptor).


  • Désirée
  • Kenny Rohan
  • Sesame
  • Mefimefi (Only if Mefimefi stays in Colony 9)


Item Affinity Value
Small Shell 1
Medicinal Brog Oil ☆1
Iron Pike (0 slots) ☆1
Sorrow Beetle ☆2
Rumble Stonefly ☆3
Ether Protect I ☆4
Ether Protect II ☆4
Court Leggings (Unique) ☆5
Genuine Frame Overtrade +600 G


Affinity Link

If talked to twice, she will gain an Affinity Link with Kenny Rohan.

BettyAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barKenny Rohan
Betty Big Fan Kenny Rohan