Black Peonies are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found at Valak Mountain.


Valak Mountain - the following locations have the highest spawn rate (21%) for Black Peony:

  • from the Zokhed Pass, head down the hill until there is a passage at the left that leads to a cave
  • from the Zokhed Pass, head to the uphill passage at the right side. Then turn left. Black peonies are along that narrow passage.
  • the narrow passage on Kana Peak
  • north of Nagul Waterfall; look for the narrow passage on the map
  • lower right corner of Apis Lair
  • look for the hour-glass shaped area on the map; the spawn point is at the top of the hour-glass shaped area
  • center area of Url Crevasse
  • near the pool of water adjacent to Url Crevasse
  • on the pool of water on the left side of Valak Peak
  • lower right area of Bionis' Right Elbow
  • the area guarded by the UM Hidden Gamigin
  • Befalgar Pedestal
  • southeast of Agul Mountain Range; look for the slightly widened area
  • northeast of Ignia Hill; look for the uphill passage. Head straight and then turn right. The spawn point is at the corner.

Trade (Valak Mountain)

NPC Area Affinity
Kurralth Valak Mountain 2 ※

※ During Adventurers in Peril only. Quest will expire after completing the Mechonis Core.


Giving this collectable as a present from one player character to another will raise or lower the affinity between them as indicated by the following table:

Recipient Shulk Fiora Dunban Reyn Sharla Riki Melia
Affinity 2