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Pyra, the Blade linked to her Driver Rex

Blades (Japanese: ブレイド, Bureido) are characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are weaponized life forms linked to a Driver who creates and summons them by touching a Core Crystal. Blades endow their Driver with power and a weapon. Each Blade plays a different role, owning different stats and an elemental type, such as fire for Pyra, and providing a distinct set of Blade Arts. By searching and collecting Blades and attaching different Blades, the player chooses and selects Blades companions and the kind of role desired.[1]

There are three sorts of Blades, the named Special Blades who have a plot importance such as Pyra and Dromarch, the Rare Blade who are created from Rare Core Crystals such as Finch, and the randomized Common Blades who are created from Common Core Crystals during a tuning.

Blade Types

Different Blade types enable different fighting styles.

Type Description
Attacker Unleashes powerful Arts.
Healer Heals allies while attacking.
Defender Takes aggro to defend allies.

List of Special Blades

Driver Blade Type Element
Rex Pyra Attacker Fire
Finch Defender Wind
Vasara Shadow
Azami Shadow
Nia Dromarch Aqua
Hotaru Stone
Tora ※1 Poppi α (artificial) Stone

※1 Tora is not a Driver but he controls Poppi α as an artificial Blade.

Blades Tuning


Rex selecting a Common Blade named Kirim

The Common Blades are created from Common Core Crystals, their name, weapon, element and stats are obtained randomly. They have a similar global appearance, dark gray skin with blue glowing eyes and lines on the body, and a crystal on the chest with the elemental coloration.

Button Challenge

When a Blade draws a special move, the "Button Challenge" (Japanese: ボタンチャレンジ, Botan charenji) will be displayed on the screen. By pressing the button with good timing, the damage will rise. If it succeeds, a narrator (actor: Kentarō Tone) will compliment the player.



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