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Pyra, the Blade linked to her Driver Rex

Blades (Japanese: ブレイド, Bureido) are characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are weaponized life forms linked to a Driver who creates and summons them by resonating with Core Crystal. Blades endow their Driver with powers and a weapon. Each Blade plays a different role, owning different stats and an elemental type, such as fire for Pyra, and providing a distinct set of Blade Arts and support abilities depending on its weapon. By searching for and collecting Blades, the player chooses to attach and selects Blade companions and the kind of role desired.[1]


Drivers and Blades relationship

They are several classifications of Blades depending on the Drivers and Blades relationship and their type. Blades are differently recruited by the party depending on their rarity, Common, Rare and Legendary. The uniquely named Legendary Blades, such as Pyra and Dromarch, are mainly recruited through the story progression and are linked to a unique Driver. The Rare Blades, such as Finch, are created from Common, Rare, Legendary or specific Core Crystals and can be linked to any Driver in the party. The randomized Common Blades are created from Common, Rare or Legendary Core Crystals through bonding. The Special Blades have story importance, are signature Blade of a main Driver character and have a unique weapon. Most of them are Legendary Blades, except those of Torna who are Rare Blades. There are Artificial Blades who are not natural Blades awakened from a Core Crystal but have been built using an Ether Furnace to give them Blade-like abilities, such as Poppi α and Lila. They are controlled by characters who are not real Drivers but they work as a kind of Driver and Blade duo during battle. The party will encounter several Blade enemies in combat who are not bounded to a Driver.


Each Blade is associated with an element, and any Blade Arts they use are of that element. In battle, some enemies may exhibit a weakness to a particular element, evidenced by an icon of that element displayed in their target frame. Elements and their opposite counterparts play a key role in Blade Combos and Chain Attacks. The eight elements, paired by opposites, are:

  • Fire and Water
  • Ice and Wind
  • Earth and Electric
  • Light and Dark

Blade Roles

Different Blade roles enable different fighting styles. The combination of currently equipped Blades' roles determines a Driver's class.

Unleashes powerful Arts.
Heals allies while attacking.
Takes aggro to defend allies.

List of Blades

Special Blades

Driver Blade Role Stat Modifier Given Weapon Element
Rex Pyra Attacker Strength 10% Aegis Sword Fire
Mythra Attacker Ether 10% Aegis Sword Light
Roc Attacker Dexterity 15% Dual Scythes Wind
Nia Healer Max HP 15% Catalyst Scimitar Water
Nia Dromarch Healer Ether 10% Twin Rings Water
Tora ※1 Poppi α (artificial) Tank ※2 Max HP ※2 Drill Shield Earth
then various ※2
Poppi QT (artificial) Tank ※2 Agility ※2 Mech Arms Fire
then various ※2
Poppi QTπ (artificial) Attacker ※2 Strength ※2 Variable Saber Ice
then various ※2
Vandham Roc Attacker Dexterity 15% Dual Scythes Wind
Mòrag Brighid Tank Agility 15% Whipswords Fire
Aegaeon Tank Agility 15% Chroma Katana Water
Zeke Pandoria Attacker Strength 10% Big Bang Edge Electric
Niall Aegaeon Tank Agility 15% Chroma Katana Water
Malos Sever ※3 Tank Strength 15% Sword Tonfa Wind
Akhos Obrona ※3 Attacker Agility 20% Brilliant Twinblades Electric
Patroka Perdido ※3 Attacker Strength 10% Decimation Cannon Fire
Mikhail Cressidus ※3 Tank Max HP 20% Rockrending Gauntlets Earth
Dughall Dolmes Spiked Hammer Fire
※1 Tora is not a Driver but he controls Poppi α, Poppi QT, Poppi QTπ as artificial Blades.
※2 Poppi's element, role, and stat modifier can be changed by upgrading it.
※3 All of these Blades are identified as Rare Blades.

Rare Blades

Some can be obtained through the main quests or by doing side quests, but most rare blades are random rewards of Common, Rare or Legendary Core Crystals.

Blade Role Stat Modifier Given Weapon Element Acquisition
Finch Tank Agility 15% Shield Hammer Wind Random
Perceval Tank Agility 10% Chroma Katana Dark Random
Floren Healer Ether 10% Bitball Earth Random
Dagas Attacker Strength 5%
then 10% ※1
Greataxe Fire Random
Azami Attacker Ether 15% Ether Cannon Dark Random
Nim Healer Dexterity 10% Knuckle Claws Earth Random
Electra Tank Max HP 15% Shield Hammer Electric Random
Perun Attacker Dexterity 10% Megalance Ice Random
Adenine Healer Dexterity 15% Knuckle Claws Wind Random
Newt Tank Max HP 20% Chroma Katana Fire Random
Gorg Attacker Max HP 15% Greataxe Water Random
Kora Healer Ether 10% Knuckle Claws Electric Random
Vess Healer Max HP 10% Bitball Electric Tranquility
Boreas Healer Max HP 15% Bitball Wind Random
Vale Attacker Ether 15% Megalance Dark Random
Wulfric Attacker Strength 15% Megalance Earth Beastly Core Crystal
Herald Attacker Strength 15% Ether Cannon Electric Sealed Core Crystal
Godfrey Tank Max HP 15% Shield Hammer Ice Random
Zenobia Attacker Strength 15% Greataxe Wind Random
Praxis Attacker Dexterity 10% Megalance Water Crystal Clear
Theory Tank Agility 15% Chroma Katana Ice Blade-Sharp Memory
Sheba Attacker Ether 15% Ether Cannon Water Inherited Core Crystal
Agate Attacker Dexterity 10% Greataxe Earth Random
Kasandra Tank Max HP 15% Shield Hammer Dark Lucky Core Crystal
Dahlia Healer Dexterity 10% Bitball Ice Random
Ursula Healer Agility 10% Knuckle Claws Ice Random
KOS-MOS Attacker Ether 20% Ether Cannon Light Random
※1 Dagas's Affinity Chart and stats change after his Blade quest.

New Game +

After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), the New Game + will be available and will allow to recruit new Blades from the Torna organization.

Blade Role Stat Modifier Given Weapon Element Acquisition
Akhos Healer Ether 15% Calamity Scythe Electric Random
Patroka Attacker Strength 15% Cobra Bardiche Earth Random
Mikhail Tank Agility 15% Infinity Fans Dark Talk at Megaflote Base
during Chapter 10
Obrona Attacker Agility 20% Brilliant Twinblades Electric Random
Sever Tank Strength 15% Sword Tonfa Wind Random
Perdido Attacker Strength 10% Decimation Cannon Fire Random
Cressidus Tank Max HP 20% Rockrending Gauntlets Earth Random

Common Blades


Rex selecting a Common Blade named Kirim

The Common Blades are created from Core Crystals. Their name, weapon, element and stats are obtained randomly. Each Common Blade prefers one category of Pouch Item at random. Common Blades also have certain exclusive abilities that Rare Blades cannot obtain, such as "Orb Master", Luck modifiers, modifiers reaching between 21% and 24%, and certain Field Skills.


They have a similar global appearance, dark gray skin with blue glowing eyes and lines on the body, and a crystal on the chest with the elemental coloration. Common Blades come in one of four basic models: "male anthropoid", "female anthropoid", "large anthropoid" and "quadrupedal animal". Beyond their basic model, they have minor differences; for example, each Male has a differently-shaped set of horns.


The possible appearances of an obtained Common Blade


The Specials of a Common Blade depend on their model and weapon type. Each Common Blade has 1-3 skills chosen at random. Each Common Blade has the Element Mastery skill related to their own element, as well as 0-2 random gathering or Merc Group skills.

Releasing Blades

Player can release most of the Blades in their party (although it is not possible to release Special Blades, and several other Blades, like first random Blade Rex bonds with). Releasing yields certain resources to the player, usually boosters corresponding to the Blade's element. The quantity and type of items received upon release is determined by Strength of Blade. If player releases a Rare Blade, it is possible to get this Blade again randomly from a Core Crystal, even if said Blade was initially obtained through a unique Core Crystal (e.g. Vess or Wulfric).

Aside of items, releasing can also be used as a way to free unused or weak Blades, as there is limit to how many the party can bond with in total.

Button Challenge

When a Blade draws a special move, the "Button Challenge" (Japanese: ボタンチャレンジ, Botan charenji) will be displayed on the screen. By pressing the button with good timing, the damage will rise. If it succeeds, a narrator (actor: Kentarō Tone) will compliment the player.


Main article: Poppiswap


Poppi is an Artificial Blade and has her own mechanics related to her Poppiswap ability. As such, she has customizable features including adjusting her elemental affinity, role, and skills.

Core Crystal state

Blades come either lying in a dormant state inside a Core Crystal or awakened in their personified form. By holding a Core Crystal, it resonates with the person and tries to take shape. If this person has a certain aptitude, the Blade awakens and makes the person a Driver. Those who do not have the aptitude are simply knocked unconscious and are incapable of forming a Blade. Drivers for the most part are bound to one Blade for their entire life, however it is possible for Drivers to awaken more than one Blade at a time. Blades fight alongside their Drivers and lends their weapon for them to use in battle. Blades can be attacked, but any injury they sustain are healed quickly.

They are dependent on their Driver to retain their form. If their Driver dies under any circumstance, the Blades instantly revert back into their Core Crystal in a dormant state, shown by the Core taking on a dull black color rather than the normal blue glow. After some time, the Core will glow again and can be reawakened. Upon reawakening the Blade loses all memories of their past lives but retains their personality. Additionally, their Core Crystal, which appears normally on their chest, are another vulnerable point. If they are attacked there and their core crystal shatters, they permanently die and cannot be reawakened. However, a Driver of a Blade that has been killed is not affected.

List of Blade enemies

Main article: Blade (enemy)




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