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Blade Specials are battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are devastating attacks performed by Blades with four levels of intensity depending on the time of use. Using Driver Arts fills the Blade Special gauge. Once available, a Special can be activated and the Driver will return the weapon to its Blade owner enabling the Blade to deliver a devastating attack.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Specials (Nintendo Switch)

Blade Specials mechanism in battle

Special Blades

Blade Lvl Name Description
Pyra I Flame Nova Absorb ether from the air and transform it into fighting spirit.
II Prominence Revolt Pillars of fire erupt from beneath all enemies.
III Blazing End Concentrate attack on a single enemy, incinerating them.
IV Burning Sword Cleave the enemy with a giant sword of flame that detonates on impact.
Mythra I Ray of Punishment Fire concentrated arrows of light at an enemy.
II Photon Edge Move at light-speed to cut the enemy instantaneously.
III Lightning Buster Slice an enemy multiple times with a blade of light.
IV Sacred Arrow Rain down arrows of light from above to tear the enemy apart.
Dromarch I Raging Tiger Slash repeatedly by unleashing your inner beast.
II Aqua Wave Attack enemies and heal allies with a wave of ether.
III Wild Roar Shoot forward all ether collected by the rings.
IV Dark Maelstrom Follow up Wild Roar with an overwhelming assault.
Poppi α I Poppi Spinning Slash A close-ranged shield spin that does multiple hits on a single enemy.
II Noponic Storm A funnel of wind that pushes the target.
III Poppi Drill Charge with jet propulsion like a spinning drill.
IV Jet Biter Attack with the Big Mecha Biter (once charged).
Poppi QT I Poppi Missile Launch a large missile and audaciously bomb the enemy.
II Poppi Crushing Blow Pulverize the enemy with a spinning punch then an explosive uppercut.
III Noponic Destruction Launch countless missiles while in the air to mow down your enemies.
IV Quixotic Megaburst Fire off numerous destructive missiles (once charged).
Poppi QTπ I Poppi Ignition Shoot repeated slashing attacks while maneuvering freely.
II Noponic Axion Mop up the enemy with a laser blast in bombardment mode.
III Poppi Unlimited Overwhelm the enemy with unlimited repeat attacks.
IV Quantum Judgment Dice the enemy and unleash 100% power in mid-air.
Roc I Death Wing Combine the Dual Scythes and throw them at the enemy.
II Crushing Twister Take the enemy by surprise with acrobatic movements.
III Feather Typhoon Create a giant vortex to suck up the enemy in one go.
IV Crimson Storm Roc follows up Driver attack with an assault from the air.
Brighid I Heat Haze Spin your weapon round and incinerate enemies within range.
II Will-o'-the-Wisp Blue flames follow the enemy and deal damage.
III Swirling Dragon Swing round your weapon and focus the attack on a single enemy.
IV Azure III: Soulfire Engulf the enemy in countless blue flames, reducing them to ashes.
Pandoria I Lightning Force Catch a lightning strike with your wand and throw it out to attack enemies.
II Electric Circus Manipulate an electrified weapon with your wand and attack the enemy.
III Thunder Doom Smash your weapon into the ground for a massive lightning explosion.
IV Sonic Thunderslash Power up Driver to strike the enemy at ultra high speed.
Aegaeon I Water Moon Gather ether in the Chroma Katana and release it as you draw the blade.
II Breaking Wave Use a flying kick to dissolve the enemy's composure then tear them up.
III Midnight Mist Perform a series of quick draw slashes the moment you engage the enemy.
IV Sea God's Tidal Wave Sharpen senses and unleash a series of fierce strikes.

Rare Blades

Blade Lvl Name Description
Adenine I Harness the Wind Compress wind ether and blow away the enemy.
II Slipstream Create a vacuum with high-speed chops and kicks.
III Mortal Storm Hit the enemy with a series of compressed air kicks.
IV Literacy Beatdown As the enemy recoils from a series of attacks, fire a blast of compressed air.
Agate I Heliodor Passion The thrown weapon spins and cuts up the enemy.
II Star Beryl Courage Swing the weapon down with all your strength as if digging.
III Rhodochrosite Might Attack the enemy by smashing up a crystal.
IV Invincible Moldavite Launch an attack while spinning the weapon around.
Azami I Nightmare Rondeau Throw your weapon spinning into the air so it shoots out lasers.
II Shadow Rhapsody Ether becomes a dark hand that rises out of the ground to attack the enemy.
III Decadent Finale Throw your weapon into the air and spray bullets to annihilate the enemy.
IV Evil Ensemble Fire bullets continuously at the enemy while dancing in a circle.
Boreas I
Dagas I Flame Crown Calmly draw near the enemy and perform intense slashing attacks.
II Tyrant Crush Pursue a downed enemy with a kick and perform spinning slashes.
III Kaiser Flare Spread maximum ether and incinerate everything.
IV Blazing Conquest Slowly build up energy to burn the enemy to a crisp.
Dahlia I
Electra I Bang-Bang Bound Hit the ground while cheerfully jumping and bounding.
II Shocking Assault Charge forward after charging up electric ether.
III Rolling Thunder Create thunder clouds and attack enemies in range with lightning strikes.
IV Electrifying Show Electra hits her weapon like a drum to trigger a shockwave.
Finch I
Floren I
Godfrey I Tough Break Attack by grasping your shield and thrusting forward with all your might.
II Cold Judgment Create a shock wave and ice pillar to overwhelm the enemy.
III Justice Blizzard Release all power and cause a massive ice explosion.
IV Whiteout Attack repeatedly and slam your weapon to create a shock wave.
Gorg I Innocent Teardrop Condense water ether and attack all enemies over a wide range.
II Bittersweet Dreams Attack by shooting out water ether from your spinning weapon.
III Leave Me Alone After high-speed spinning slashes, launch a giant water pillar.
IV Rock My World Use the momentum of a spinning cut to jump and fire a shockwave.
Herald I Empyrean Salvo Launch homing missiles from your weapon and tail.
II The Heavens Open Release maximum electric ether and cause a huge explosion.
III Final Retribution Remove limiter and charge the enemy, exterminating them.
IV Heaven on Earth Fire a super-strong laser to annihilate the enemy.
Kasandra I Sentimental Burst Condense dark ether until it explodes.
II Hidden Emotion Hit the shield while in the air, and emit a large amount of healing.
III Secret Desire Enter unconscious state with the mask and draw out your true power.
IV Melancholic Break Offer prayers to your shield, then release a large number of bandages.
Kora I Electric Pompom Do lively jumps and smash your weapon into the ground.
II Vivid Love Give heart-shaped electric ether to your enemies as a present.
III Angelic Drop Release a powerful flying kick while spinning your weapon.
IV Sweet Emotion Break the enemy's block, then throw a full-strength lightning punch.
Newt I
Nim I Fierce Healer Shoot out your own ether as a shockwave.
II Wild Grappler Rush in wielding a weapon of concentrated ether.
III Organic Automata Kit and Sunny emit a laser beam.
IV Earth Priestess After a series of attacks, hit the enemy with a high power laser shot.
Perceval I Dark Serpent Attack by spraying out dark ether.
II Blade Vortex At the moment of movement, perform quick draw cuts at visible speed.
III Grim Moon Adopt a quick draw pose, then in an instant slash all enemies in range.
IV Demon Quadrant Mow down the enemy in three strikes, then finish with an almighty slice.
Perun I Cold Sever Use ice ether to attack with a series of high-speed stabs.
II Punishment Strike Swing your weapon round above your head to create a giant block of ice.
III Extinction Icicle Create a giant ice lance and use it in an extra powerful charge.
IV Snowflake of Judgment After a series of trifling cuts, unleash a giant pillar of ice.
Praxis I Foam Blast Transform ether into bubble foam and spray it forward.
II Geyser Spring Gather ether on your weapon and shoot it out as a powerful current of water.
III Fierce Deluge Use water ether to attack with high-speed repeated thrusts.
IV Torrential Pain Launch a continuous, hard-to-dodge attack at high speeds.
Sheba I Dessert Bomb Explode a giant ball of water ether in mid-air.
II Tea Leaves An unprecedented bathtub-based charging assault.
III Golden Font Fly up in the bath and attack indiscriminately.
IV Royal Tea Party Sheba sits in her bathtub to attack in tandem with her watery lover.
Theory I Ice Slash After throwing ice knives, attack with slashes.
II Frost Banish Release a powerful somersault kick after three repeat attacks.
III Rebel Sister With one slash, smash an ice pillar and attack enemies over a wide area.
IV Winter's Wake Hurl out continuous ice strikes to freeze the enemy in their tracks.
Ursula I
Vale I
Vess I Healing Bolt Swing your weapon round your head and release shockwave.
II Ball Lightning Throw your weapon about randomly and cause a lightning explosion.
III Thunderstrike Kick a ball and lightning will strike where it bounces.
IV Divine Plasma Attack the enemy with a ball of lightning formed by Vess's weapon.
Wulfric I Brutal Lance Spin weapon erratically and strike.
II Termination Blast Shoot out absorbed energy in a laser blast.
III Hellbound Fly up and perform a drop attack with maximum power.
IV Apocalypse Jab at the enemy repeatedly and fire a laser from the chest.
Zenobia I

Common Blades

The Specials of a Common Blade depend on their model and weapon type.

Twin Rings, Animal

  • Ripple Dive
  • Dual Fang
  • Screw Edge
  • Savage Chakram

Greataxe, Male

  • Stream Edge
  • Falling Axe
  • Axe Throw
  • Absolute Smash

Greataxe, Female

  • Axe Strike
  • Megaslash
  • Flying Cutter
  • Excess Axe

Greataxe, Large

  • Axe Break
  • Ground Charge
  • War Swing
  • Megaton Charge

Megalance, Male

  • Round Break
  • Boomerang Spear
  • Splash Lance
  • Immortal Spike

Megalance, Female

  • Multi-Edge
  • Trident Buster
  • Spiral Spear
  • Imperial Lance

Megalance, Large

  • Speed Glaive
  • Beam Halberd
  • Hair Trigger
  • Colossal Sting

Ether Cannon, Male

  • Sidewinder
  • Aerial Trigger
  • Swing Cannon
  • Wisdom Strike

Ether Cannon, Female

  • Flash Barrel
  • Blink Bullet
  • Beam Barrage
  • Dragoon Shot

Ether Cannon, Large

  • Zero Burst
  • Spinning Laser
  • Beam Bomber
  • Radical Bullet

Shield Hammer, Male

  • Hammer Beat
  • Smash Circle
  • Shield Charge
  • Irresistible Rush

Shield Hammer, Female

  • Aerial Shield
  • Drum Roll
  • Hammer Rush
  • Victor Swing

Shield Hammer, Large

  • Ground Impulse]]
  • Turn Strike (XC2)|Turn Strike]]
  • Wheel Crash]]
  • Riot Hammer]]

Chroma Katana, Large

  • Drop Edge
  • Counter Spin
  • Magnum Edge
  • Overcharger

Bitball, Male

  • Shrapnel
  • Grenade Throw
  • Grim Sphere
  • Chaos Slam

Bitball, Female

  • Flash Bomb
  • Power Effect
  • Rumble Sphere
  • Asteroid Throw

Bitball, Large

  • Metal Blast
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Violent Swing
  • Colossal Strike

Knuckle Claws, Female

  • Thermal Payload
  • Leg Blast
  • Flash Blow
  • Amazing Rush

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