Blattas (Japanese: ブラッタ, Buratta) are cockroach-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This species has the highest number of enemies, and tend to get aggressive at night. Most are weak and small in size, though, making them easy to deal with. They can be found in all five regions.


"Winged creatures often found behind boulders, inside caves, and in other dark locales where light doesn't reach. As such, their diet consists primarily of leftover scraps and dung scavenged from other animals."

"Blattas are exceptionally social creatures, and have worked out a kind of language in which they can share information on food locations. They've also been known to gang up and attack smaller creatures, though even larger ones can be at risk if the blattas get into a frenzy."

Color Variants

Blattas fall into five color variants:

  • Black blattas are grayish-brown in coloration. They can drop Black Blatta Wings.
  • Green blattas are greenish black in coloration. They can drop Green Blatta Wings.
  • Red blattas are dark red in coloration. They can drop Red Blatta Wings.
  • Golden blattas have yellow coloration. They can drop Golden Blatta Wings. All blattas of this coloration are Tyrants, and two can be found in each region, which drop a material that can be sold for a high amount and varies per region.
  • Silver blattas are white in coloration. They can drop Silver Blatta Wings.

Types of Blattas

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies




The name may come from the Latin word "Blatta", meaning any insect that shuns the light such as the cockroach, the moth, the bookworm or the mantid. It may also refer to the Blattidae taxonomic family including most of the cockroaches.