Block Guarder is a weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a gunlance wielded by Reyn, and as its name implies, has high Physical Defence and Ether Defence stats compared to other gunlances that can be obtained early in the game.


Quest Reward

One slot


One slot

NPC Area Affinity
Mefimefi Colony 9 1
Kenny Rohan Colony 9 Overtrade

Enemy drops

All chests are silver.

1 slot

Enemy Area Rate
Cute CaterpileTephra Cave6.1 %
Eater CaterpileTephra Cave6.1 %
Gluttonous EugenTephra Cave3.6 %
Lurker BrogTephra Cave3.6 %
Noble BrogTephra Cave3.6 %
Singing BrogTephra Cave3.6 %
Little SkeeterColony 92.9 %
Beach KrabbleColony 92.1 %
Common CaterpileColony 92.1 %
Praying CaterpileColony 92.1 %
Verdant BluchalColony 92.1 %

0 slots

Enemy Area Rate
Beach KrabbleColony 910.4 %
Common CaterpileColony 94.5 %
Praying CaterpileColony 94.5 %
Verdant BluchalColony 94.5 %

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