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Block Rate is a stat in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the probability of blocking a physical attack, including Physical Arts and Auto Attacks. Both party members and enemies can block physical attacks. Ether Arts cannot be blocked.

A character's Block Rate is based on the Block Rate stat of the equipped weapon, plus modifiers received from skills and skill links. During battle, it is further modified based on the Level difference between the attacker and the target, as shown in the table below. In addition, Reyn and Fiora can temporarily raise their Block Rate using their respective Guard Shift arts.

Enemies have a block rate of 0%, modified based on the level difference.

Attacker's Level
Target's Level
Block Rate
+10 or more -50%
+9 -45%
+8 -40%
+7 -35%
+6 -30%
+5 -25%
+4 -20%
+3 -15%
+2 to -2 0%
-3 +15%
-4 +20%
-5 +25%
-6 +30%
-7 +35%
-8 +40%
-9 +45%
-10 or less +50%

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