Bloody Drivers are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are gunlances wielded by Reyn.



One slot

Enemy drops

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Corladio ApisValak Mountain5.2 %
Crista ApisValak Mountain5.2 %
Krawla SlobosValak Mountain5.2 %
Krawli SlobosValak Mountain5.2 %
Latio ApisValak Mountain5.2 %
Noto FerisValak Mountain5.2 %
Agile BarbatosValak Mountain3.6 %
Bonterra PodValak Mountain3.6 %
Ent AntolValak Mountain3.6 %
Fork ChilkinValak Mountain3.6 %
Glorious BuerValak Mountain3.6 %
Lophos MoramoraValak Mountain3.6 %
Monta MoramoraValak Mountain3.6 %
Mount TortaBionis' Leg3.6 %
Poleaxe ChilkinValak Mountain3.6 %
Teterra PodValak Mountain3.6 %
Zefa OriesValak Mountain3.6 %
Zegia OriesValak Mountain3.6 %
Gentle RodriguezColony 91.7 %
Heavy BrogColony 91.7 %
Impenetrable RedrobColony 91.7 %
Solid KrabbleColony 91.7 %

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Eques SkyrayPrison Island5.2 %

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