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For the art in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Blossom Dance (X).

"Born in a world of strife, against the odds, we choose to fight! Blossom Dance!"
— Dunban

Dunban BlossomDance Blossom Dance is Dunban's Talent Art in Xenoblade Chronicles. He performs a combo of up to five strikes, provided that the player presses the "B" button within the circle.


Hit Attribute Range Distance # of hits Hit Rate Aggro Parameter Knockback Strength Multiplier Effect
First Physical Single 5 1 25 - - 1.50 -
Second Physical Single 5 1 25 - - 2.00 -
Third and Fourth Physical Single 5 2 25 - - 1.25 -
Fifth Physical Centered around target 5 1 25 30 2 4.50 Volatile aggro

Miscellaneous Info

  • Damage is calculated based on the weapon's power + Dunban's strength.
  • The attack sequence will end if the enemy blocks the first, second, and third (first hit only) set of attacks.

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