Buffs are temporary positive effects in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are a type of Battle Effect, and the opposite of debuffs. Buffs can be granted by arts, weather, and battle probes. Augments can be considered to provide Buffs which last for as long as the augment is equipped.

When granted from arts in battle, the level of the buff and its duration are based on the level of the art being called. For example, a level 4 art will grant a stronger and longer buff than its level 1 counterpart. If the art is also a TP art, then the character's current Potential will also affect the strength and duration of the buff.

List of Buffs

Buff Name Buff Effect
Melee Accuracy Up Increases melee attack accuracy
Ranged Accuracy Up Increases ranged attack accuracy
Evasion Up Increases character's chance of being missed by enemy attacks
Melee Power Up Increases melee attack damage
Ranged Power Up Increases ranged attack damage
Potential Up Increases characters' potential, which increases the damage dealt by TP Arts
and the amount of HP recovered by Arts and Soul Voices.
Physical Res Up Decreases the amount of physical damage taken
Beam Res Up Decreases the amount of beam damage taken
Ether Res Up Decreases the amount of ether damage taken
Thermal Res Up Decreases the amount of thermal damage taken
Electric Res Up Decreases the amount of electric damage taken
Gravity Res Up Decreases the amount of gravity damage taken
Barrier Creates a barrier around the character tha absorbs a certain amount of damage
Supercharge Doubles the damage of the next attack made by the character
Decoy Allows a character to evade a certain number of attacks
Critical Power Up Doubles the damage of a character's critical hits
Effect Stasis Makes buffs last longer
Defending Greatly reduces the amount of damage taken by the character
Aura Activates an aura for the character. The effect depends on which Battle Art was used.
Invincible Grants the character immunity to all damage for a certain amount of time
Weather Immunity Grants the character immunity to all weather effects (spores, lightning, sandstorm)
Terrain Immunity Grants the character immunity to all terrain effects

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