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Bullet Twister

Bullet Twister is one of Frye's two Signature Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Cross learns this art after completing the affinity mission Blitzkrieg.


Class Rank Learned Weapon Type Range Hits Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
Samurai Gunner+ (Frye) 7 Gatling Gun Ranged Circle around caster 8 Aura: TP Up Damage Up 250% Damage Up 400%
Level Multiplier TP Bonus Cooldown BP Cost
1 100% 20 40.0 s -
2 150% 30 33.6 s 4
3 200% 40 30.4 s 12
4 250% 50 27.2 s 36
5 300% 60 24.0 s 72

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