Caecuses (Japanese: ドレン, Doren) are bipedal dinosaur-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


"Armor-like sinew helps these creatures move rapidly when traversing the land. Though their wings and eyes have receded over the course of evolution, they have keen senses of smell, as well as the ability to ultrasonically scan terrain and locate prey. Adults are prone to desiccation, however--a problem they counter by encasing themselves in a membrane of toxic biofluid."

"Caecuses are hermaphroditic, and will mate with as many partners as possible in the first weeks of winter. They then lay an abundance of eggs and conceal them in moist swampland soil. Left to nature's care, the eggs will usually hatch in the early spring, with the young remaining safely within the swamp until maturation."

Types of Caecuses

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



Caecus is Latin for "blind."

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