For the Story Exclusive Enemy, see Caladar (enemy).
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Caladars (Japanese: カカラ, Kakara) are machine enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are the general Wrothian equivalent of Skells. They are all Story or Mission Exclusive enemies.


"Wrothian Skells tasked with supporting commander units such as the Vasara. While the high-caliber beam cannons in their core are the Caladars' defining trait, they also possess simple transformative capabilities that allow them to assume humanoid form during hand-to-hand engagements. Their specialty, however, is ranged combat while in cruise mode. While in this mode, it's possible for the Vasara to climb on top of them in order to move about more quickly.

Other features include high-frequency vibrowires for binding foes, and the ability to disperse regenerative nanomachines that can repair light damage."

List of Caladars

Mission Exclusive Enemies

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