Caliga Defenders are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are swords wielded by Dunban.




One slot

NPC Area Affinity
Talia Alcamoth 1
Ababa Frontier Village ☆5

Enemy drops

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Ammos OrlugaMakna Forest25 %
Arena OrlugaMakna Forest25 %
Obsessive GalgaronMakna Forest25 %
Sabulum OrlugaMakna Forest25 %
Makna AnselMakna Forest12.2 %

No slots

Enemy Area Rate
Abominable Hiln (QE)Eryth Sea7 %
Turbulent BelmoEryth Sea5.8 %
Flavel AndosEryth Sea4.3 %
Peeling KircheisEryth Sea3.2 %
Eryth HilnEryth Sea2.7 %
Maleza KromarEryth Sea2.4 %
Tussock KromarEryth Sea2.4 %

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