Cannon Barrel

Cannon Barrel is a Ranged TP art in Xenoblade Chronicles X.It is a Multigun exclusive art, and it can be obtained after completing Yelv's final affinity mission. It deals Gravity damage and inflicts Topple. If used in a Ranged combo its damage is boosted.


Class Rank Learned Type Weapon Range # of hits Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
- - Tension Ranged (Gravity) Multigun Enemies around caster 1 Inflicts Topple; Ranged combo: extra damage Damage Up 250% Damage Up 400%
Level Multiplier Cooldown Topple Duration Additional damage in combo BP Cost
1 500% 30.0 s 4.0 s 100% -
2 625% 25.2 s 4.5 s 125% 6
3 750% 22.8 s 5.0 s 150% 18
4 875% 20.4 s 5.5 s 175% 54
5 1000% 18.0 s 6.0 s 200% 108

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