Cantors (Japanese: イムプレカ, Imupureka) are huge four-armed creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be considered counterparts to the Simius.


"Loners for the most part, cantors possess no clear territorial boundaries. When the need arises, however, they can coordinate for group hunts by emitting an odd sound from their chest cavities. Social standing in such situation is determined by the quality of tone produced."

"The exception to this loner rule involves children, as small groups are often formed for the sole purpose of rearing young. Baby cantors are soothed to sleep by pleasant, lullaby-like sounds, the rhythm of which differs from group to group. Though they are a hermaphroditic species, breeding can be performed via asexual reproduction if a mate cannot be found."


Cantors have hairless, drab bodies. Much like simiuses, cantors have four muscled arms. Cantors have a bump-covered face and four hollow spots where their eyes should be. Their larger arms have growths on the back of their hands. Cantors also have a short, stubby tail.

Cantors act like simiuses for the most part; eating, sleeping, and wandering. Some cantors, however, are fond of pretending to be statues, with the hollow clicks of their moving heads giving them away.

Color Variants

Cantors fall into two color variants:

Types of Cantors

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



Cantor means "singer", possibly referring to their vocal talents.

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