Cervuses (Japanese: ケルウス, Keruusu) are quadrupedal creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like deer, similar to Apricas.


These herbivores require large amounts of daily vegetation to survive, though they also absorb and store atmospheric ether in their bodies as an offensive weapon. The body parts that resemble plants are actually specialized components of exoskeletons and fur that are used for camouflage. The 'leaves' are in fact composed of ether, the brightness of which is proportionate to the creature's overall strength--and thus, symbolic of its reproductive success.

Cervuses have unusually long lifespans; generally, the longer one lives, the more skilled it becomes at ether manipulation. For this reason, the leader of herd is often the eldest and most experienced.

Types of Cervuses

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



Cervus may refer to Cervus, a genus of deer within the Cervidae family.

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