For the chapter in the plot, see Chapter 2: The New Frontier.

Chapter 2 is a Story Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It corresponds to Chapter 2 of the main plot. It is received upon returning to the BLADE Barracks of New Los Angeles after finishing Chapter 1

Finishing this mission allows Cross access to the FrontierNav, as well as membership in BLADE and an affiliation with a Division. Defeating the Tyrant Volkampf, the Pursuer is required in this mission.


  1. "Head to the designated site on the East Gate Plain."
  2. "Defeat Volkampf, the Pursuer."
    • The party will automatically connect to the FrontierNav in the next cutscene.
  3. "Report to Secretary Nagi in New LA's BLADE barracks."


"You successfully installed the data probe and completed your training."