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For the chapter in the plot, see Xenoblade Chronicles X (plot)#Chapter 2: The New Frontier.

Nagi affinity
Install the data probe at the FrontierNav site and complete your training.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Story Mission Nagi BLADE Barracks Anytime
Prerequisites: Chapter 1 completed
  1. "Head to the designated site on the East Gate Plain."
  2. "Defeat Volkampf, the Pursuer."
    • The party will automatically connect to the FrontierNav in the next cutscene.
  3. "Report to Secretary Nagi in New LA's BLADE barracks."
Results: "You successfully installed the data probe and completed your training."

Chapter 2 is a Story Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It corresponds to Chapter 2 of the main plot. It is received upon returning to the BLADE Barracks of New Los Angeles after finishing Chapter 1

Finishing this mission allows Cross access to the FrontierNav, as well as membership in BLADE and an affiliation with a Division. Defeating the Tyrant Volkampf, the Pursuer is required in this mission.

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