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For the chapter in the plot, see Xenoblade Chronicles X (plot)#Chapter 4: The Ganglion Menace.

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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles X, this page may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Vandham affinity
A piece of the Lifehold was detected in the Noctilum region to the west of New LA. Head there and investigate.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Story Mission Vandham New Los Angeles (BLADE Barracks) Anytime
Prerequisites: 15% of Primordia surveyed, Chapter 3, BLADE Level Basics, and The Probe-fessional completed, Elma and Lin in the party
  1. "Meet with Lao near Primordia's Green Threshold."
    • After the following cutscenes, Lao can be recruited.
  2. "Head to the Lifehold unit at Noctilum's Sunlit Spring."
    • In order to reach Sunlit Spring, the party must travel through Goblin's Narrow, where they will meet L.
  3. "Achieve all objectives."
    • "Defeat the Prone Destroyer." (1)
    • "Defeat the Prone Destroyer." (1)
    • "Defeat the Prone Destroyer." (1)
  4. "Achieve all objectives."
  5. "Report back to Commander Vandham in New LA's BLADE Tower."
Results: "The Noctilum signal wasn't the Core, but rather an Archive unit. You also learned of the existence of a hostile alien organization known as the Ganglion."

Chapter 4 is a Story Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It corresponds with Chapter 4 of the main plot. This quest introduces the party to Lao, a Pathfinder leader, as well as the Ganglion.

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