Poleaxe chilkin

A Poleaxe Chilkin

Chilkin (Japanese: チルキン, Chirukin) are a bird-like enemy family in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are only found on Valak Mountain, on Bionis. Chilkin are similiar in appearance to Tirkins. The strongest Chilkin is Banquet Vassago, at level 48. A group of kindred Chilkins can use Chain Attacks. They appear to have a feud with the Antol on Valak Mountain.

The behaviour, adornments and social structure of Chilkins strongly suggest they are an intelligent race, but they can still be harmed by the Monado unlike the Homs, Nopon and High Entia peoples of Bionis.

There are several types of Chilkin:

Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters


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