Chill is a Status Effect in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Chill causes the afflicted to take damage around every two seconds as long as it is in effect. The damage inflicted is 60% of the damage of the art that caused the status, second only to Poison. However, it only lasts for 10 seconds, inflicting damage 5 times before expiring. Melia has a skill that extends the duration of her Chill effects allowing her to almost constantly have all enemies around her chilled when Summon Ice is discharged, and Riki also has no issue with inflicting Chill before its effects wear off due to the short cooldown time of Freezinate.

When used by monsters, the Chill Status' damage modifier seems to be 20% and the duration 20 seconds, resulting in chill damage being inflicted 10 times. Equipping Chill Defence Gems or Debuff Resist Gems, or using Arts that remove debuffs can migitate the damage received.



  • Freezinate: One of Riki's arts. Hits a single enemy and has a low cooldown.
  • Summon Ice: One of Melia's arts. Hits everyone in a circle around Melia when discharged.



Enemies (by Art Name)

Aqua Wave

Blizzard Breath

Freeze Breath

Ice Breath

Ice Burst III

Ice Eruption IV

Killer Shot

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