Ciniculas (English dub: /sᵻˈnɪk.jᵿ.lə/; Japanese: ヴァサルト, Vasaruto) are large, beetle-like enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are creatures with three pairs of jointed legs, one pair of legs which are shaped like sickles and two pairs of big legs for locomotion. They use those sickle-limbs to burrow underground. They can be found in Primordia, Noctilum, Sylvalum, and Cauldros.


"Giant beetles with exoskeletons that are hard as steel. They spend most of their time buried under the earth, waiting for prey to wander by. Upon sensing a vibration, they will rise up and attack, swallowing both soil and unfortunate victim in one mighty gulp."

"Ciniculas have been known to engage in long periods of dormancy. The conditions for triggering this state vary, though the main factor seems to be the ether density in the atmosphere."

Color Variants

Ciniculas fall into four color variants:

  • Orange ciniculas have brown armor with orange highlights. They can drop Honey Oil.
  • Black ciniculas have black armor with red highlights. They can drop Maple Oil. They only appear in Cauldros, and can often be found wading through lava.
  • White ciniculas have lavender armor with turquoise highlights. They can drop Coconut Oil. They only appear in Sylvalum. Unlike the other variants, their horns are sickle-shaped.
  • Green ciniculas have green armor with blue highlights. They can drop Melon Oil.

Types of Ciniculas

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies


Story Exclusive Tyrant

Breakable body parts

  • Head
  • Tail
  • Back Spikes (2)
  • Walking Legs (4 that can only be targeted on foot)
  • Horn
  • Weak Spot (Horn must be broken first)


  • Cinicula may possibly be derived from cuniculus, meaning tunnel or burrow.
  • The Japanese name, Basalt, may come from the basalt rock, often found near volcanoes.