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Circle of Life is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Kon'luarb north of Deliverance Park in the Residential District of New Los Angeles. Although it is not required, the Basic Mission The Search for Kun'luarb can be used to locate this mission.

If route A is chosen, Kun'luarb dies without offspring. If route B is chosen, he will divide upon his death, giving birth to Sin'luarb and Sen'luarb.


  • "Look for Kun'luarb in Noctilum's Lotus Keep building site."
  • There is a series of three or four decision prompts. The responses to the first two prompts (Act/Query and Inform/Support) do not affect the outcome.
A route - "Accept" at the 3rd or 4th prompt:
B route - "Refuse" and "Assist" at the 3rd and 4th prompts:


A route (Accept): "Kun'luarb is no more, but a drop of senirapa water ensures that new life will be born."
B route (Refuse & Assist): "Kun'luarb passed, but new life was born via division, and Senirapa Water will bring more."