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The Cliffs of Morytha (Japanese: モルスの断崖Morusu no dangai, lit. Cliff of Mors) are a main location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They consist of a rotting Titan corpse that sits precariously perched at the edge of the Great Void just outside the World Tree, having so far managed to avoid sinking below the Cloud Sea. The cliffs have no civilization, save for a few Nopon merchants at its port and the ruins of an ancient temple. Despite the Titan having already died, its carcass is still covered with grass and inhabited by animals.


Jin and Malos take Pyra to the Cliffs of Morytha, where Malos takes her memories in order to regain his Aegis powers; this leaves Pyra as an empty shell.

The party arrives, and in their battle against Jin and Malos, Pyra and Mythra are reawakened as the Master Blade, providing Rex with a new set of armor and giving him the abilities of a Master Driver.

Though they defeat Jin and Malos, the fight between Ophion and Siren destroys the cliffs, and the party, along with Jin, falls down through the Cloud Sea and into the Land of Morytha below.

Landmarks and Locations

Upper Level


Secret Area/Viewpoint


Lower Level


Secret Area/Viewpoint


Salvage Points

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The following shops are set up at the Cliffs of Morytha Inlet:

Name Type Proprietor Wares Requirements
Bamboo Sword Smithy
Nubnub - -
Kinkir Accessories
Bidibi - -
Mermerry Trading
- -



Normal Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters



  • Although the Great Void closes up following the events of Chapter 7, it remains visible in this region if revisited during later chapters.
  • Morytha's Japanese name, モルス Morusu, is an adaptation of the Latin word "mors", which means "death".