Cloud Staffs are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are staffs that can be wielded by Melia.



No slots

Enemy drops

Note: Enemies marked as QE and SE are Quest-Exclusive and Story-Exclusive respectively and do not respawn. For enemies with a 0% drop rate, this item can only be obtained using Riki's Yoink! ability.

Three slots

Enemy Area Rate
Mount TortaBionis' Leg5.9 %
Daughter Empress (QE)Bionis' Leg0 %

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Chordy SkeeterColony 98.3 %
Shadeless MatrixColony 98.3 %
Shadow VangColony 98.3 %
Lakebed Orthlus (QE)Colony 95.9 %
Gentle RodriguezColony 95.1 %
Heavy BrogColony 95.1 %
Banquet VassagoValak Mountain2.9 %
Conflagrant Raxeal (SE)Valak Mountain2.9 %
Cunning Chilkin (QE)Valak Mountain2.9 %
Fuchsia ChilkinValak Mountain2.9 %
Moonlight PaimonValak Mountain2.9 %
North Star GusionValak Mountain2.9 %
Reef NebulaValak Mountain2.9 %
Sesna LexosValak Mountain2.9 %
Sestago LexosValak Mountain2.9 %
Ucan NebulaValak Mountain2.9 %
Vague BarbasValak Mountain2.9 %
Lophos MoramoraValak Mountain2.1 %
Monta MoramoraValak Mountain2.1 %
Vicious Rhana (QE)Colony 90 %

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Banquet VassagoValak Mountain4.4 %
Cunning Chilkin (QE)Valak Mountain4.4 %
Fuchsia ChilkinValak Mountain4.4 %
Moonlight PaimonValak Mountain4.4 %
Porcu HoxValak Mountain4.4 %
Reef NebulaValak Mountain4.4 %
Ucan NebulaValak Mountain4.4 %
Vague BarbasValak Mountain4.4 %
Costa AriesValak Mountain3.1 %
Hista AriesValak Mountain3.1 %
Corladio ApisValak Mountain2.9 %
Crista ApisValak Mountain2.9 %
Latio ApisValak Mountain2.9 %
Bonterra PodValak Mountain2.1 %
Ent AntolValak Mountain2.1 %
Teterra PodValak Mountain2.1 %

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