Colony 6 Area Affinity

The following NPCs can be invited to move to Colony 6 when reconstruction reaches an appropriate level.

Some NPCs

Colony 9

NPC Conditions
Werner Housing Lv1
Perrine Housing Lv3, Special Lv2, Mefimefi is not resident
Mefimefi Housing Lv3, Special Lv2, Perrine is not resident
Rosemary Housing Lv4, Shulk as leader
Oleksiy Housing Lv4, Special Lv4
Peppino Housing Lv4, population 70
Nic Housing Lv5, Nopo'rikh is resident

Frontier Village

NPC Conditions
Hoko Housing Lv2, Commerce Lv2
Pokapoka Housing Lv2, population 30
Norara Housing Lv3, either Perrine or Mefimefi is resident
Berryjammy Housing Lv3, Nature Lv3
Gowago Housing Lv5, population 100, Berryjammy is resident, Minana is not resident
Minana Housing Lv5, 55% complete, Berryjammy is resident, Gowago is not resident


NPC Conditions Alternate Location †
Talonyth Housing Lv1, Commerce Lv1 Refugee Camp (Bionis' Leg)
Ma'crish Housing Lv2 Refugee Camp (Bionis' Leg)
Yura Housing Lv3, 25% complete Harict Chapel (Valak Mountain)
Jer'ell Housing Lv4 Sororal Statues (Satorl Marsh)
Don Argentis Housing Lv4, Nature Lv4 North of Reservoir (Frontier Village)
En Argentis Housing Lv5,
Don Argentis is resident,
Zel Argentis is not resident
Ether Plant (Eryth Sea)
Zel Argentis Housing Lv5,
Don Argentis is resident,
En Argentis is not resident
Sororal Statues (Satorl Marsh)
† if not recruited before clearing Mechonis Core

Fallen Arm

NPC Conditions
Neonik Housing Lv5, Nature Lv5
Shilx Housing Lv5, Commerce Lv5, population 120

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