The Colony 6 Shop 1 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a merchant located north of Reconstruction HQ in Colony 6, and will appear when Commerce is restored to Level 1.

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of numbered shops in Colony 6.


Item Slots Price
Duel Guarder 0 5,800 G
Calm Shot 0 6,500 G
Chrome Sniper 0 7,200 G


Item Slots Price
Quark Gear 0 2,950 G
Legar Gear 0 3,150 G


Item Slots Price
Quark Armour 0 5,800 G
Legar Armour 0 5,850 G


Item Slots Price
Quark Gauntlets 0 2,350 G
Legar Gauntlets 0 2,500 G


Item Slots Price
Quark Leggings 0 4,700 G
Legar Leggings 0 4,800 G


Item Slots Price
Quark Boots 0 3,500 G
Legar Boots 0 3,620 G

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price
Bone Upper Reyn 2,400 G
Slit Edge Shulk 3,200 G
Hammer Beat Reyn 3,200 G
Wild Down Reyn 3,600 G
Back Slash Shulk 4,000 G
Light Heal Shulk 4,800 G
Rage Reyn 4,800 G
Guard Shift Reyn 6,400 G
Shield Bash Reyn 11,800 G

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