Colony 6 Shop 2
Colony 6 Shop 2
Colony 6 Shop 2
Type Shop
Located Colony 6
Music Colony 6 - Silence, Rebuilding, Hope, Future

The Colony 6 Shop 2 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a merchant located east of the Reconstruction HQ in Colony 6, and will appear when Commerce is restored to Level 2.

None of the weapons or armour for sale in this shop have slots.

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of numbered shops in Colony 6.


Item Price
Lieutenant Pike 7,300 G
Search Sniper 7,600 G
Luna Defender 8,200 G



Item Price
Grand Gear 3,280 G
Swep Gear 3,400 G
Warrior Helm 9,000 G


Item Price
Grand Armour 6,250 G
Swep Armour 6,750 G
Warrior Plate 12,500 G


Item Price
Grand Gauntlets 2,650 G
Swep Gauntlets 2,700 G
Warrior Arms 7,500 G


Item Price
Grand Leggings 5,000 G
Swep Leggings 5,400 G
Warrior Cuisses 10,000 G


Item Price
Grand Boots 3,780 G
Swep Boots 4,000 G
Warrior Greaves 8,500 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Gale Slash 5,400 G
Electric Gutbuster 5,700 G
Peerless 6,400 G
Worldly Slash 7,200 G
Battle Eye 8,200 G
Steel Strike 9,000 G
Spirit Breath 10,000 G
Blinding Blossom 10,400 G
Serene Heart 11,500 G
Tempest Kick 11,800 G
Heal Counter 12,900 G

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