The Colony 6 Shop 3 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is found in Colony 6 after reconstruction of both Commerce and Housing reach level 3. It is open from 6:00 to 18:00, and carries the same Armour and Arts Manuals as Shop 4, along with a few extra Arts Manuals and the Grady heavy armour set. It is located on the main street with the other Commerce level 3 shops. It is manned by a female Homs merchant.

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of numbered shops in Colony 6.


Item Slots Price
Sacred Driver 1 12,600 G
Caliga Defender 1 13,200 G
Acid Staff 1 13,800 G
Etoile Sniper 1 13,920 G
Boom Nibbler 1 14,040 G

Head armour

Item Slots Price
Nopol Gear 0 6,400 G
Cool Gel Unique 9,000 G
Guardis Helm 0 11,200 G
Grady Helm 0 13,800 G

Torso armour

Item Slots Price
Nopol Armour 0 11,500 G
Cool Oil Unique 19,500 G
Guardis Chest 0 21,000 G
Grady Chest 0 25,600 G

Arm armour

Item Slots Price
Nopol Gauntlets 0 5,100 G
Cool Cream Unique 8,130 G
Guardis Arms 0 8,250 G
Grady Arms 0 11,200 G

Leg armour

Item Slots Price
Nopol Leggings 0 9,350 G
Cool Trunks Unique 16,280 G
Guardis Cuisses 0 16,500 G
Grady Cuisses 0 21,200 G

Foot armour

Item Slots Price
Nopol Boots 0 7,650 G
Cool Sandals Unique 12,300 G
Guardis Greaves 0 12,500 G
Grady Greaves 0 16,000 G

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price
Bedtime Riki 12,200 G
Healing Gift Melia 12,200 G
Thunder Dunban 12,400 G
Tantrum Riki 13,300 G
Soaring Tempest Dunban 13,700 G
Reflection Melia 13,700 G
Anchor Chain Reyn 14,700 G
Lariat Reyn 15,400 G
Mind Blast Melia 15,600 G

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